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Make today the last day you dread legal research. Eva Super Max AI, is a legal research platform that makes your research fast and easy using artificial intelligence.

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We built the Eva Artificial intelligence infrastructure from the ground up to deliver the most

Complete, competent and relevant law in response to your natural language research entries.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence will help you find the authority you need to win your case. Go to court armed with the best legal analysis no matter the size of the matter or client.


Principle matching through natural language Algorithms You can focus your research by emphasizing the unique principles. Matching facts will be tagged and highlighted in the text of relevant cases.
When multiple algorithms report a high degree of confidence that a case is relevant to your search , Eva Super Max identifies the case as a Deep Match and communicates same to you. Giving you the option of choosing from a list of cases
With a feature of Eva Super Max called Exact phrase you can pin point accuracy, the exact issues that where raised in any given case.